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TopShelf was launched way back in 2004 in the humble family garage of father and son duo, Mal and Jesse Watson. A small range of condiments, olives, cheeses, and Mediterranean delicacies were initially sold at local food markets around Auckland - you may have seen Mal and Jesse at La Cigale french market in Parnell or the Sunday markets in Takapuna. Over time TopShelf picked up a number of key food service clients and then, with the help of an old Hobart mixer, released a retail range of aioli's through Farro Fresh Foods and Nosh food stores in 2006. A reputation for quality, flavoursome, and unique products earned TopShelf a keen group of followers and the product range expanded to meet increasing demand.


From 2006-2009 Jesse swanned off to Europe while Mal held the fort. Upon Jesse's return, he and Mal decided to knuckle down and take the business to the next level. With the support of key family members who helped in various roles in the kitchen, sales, production and development of the business, Jesse and Mal threw everything they had into the business. In 2013 TopShelf began designing, making and supplying products for My Food Bag, turning heads with their delicious sauces and portioned ingredients that feature in the weekly recipes to this day. 

Over the years the TopShelf product range has grown significantly and we now proudly produce a vast array of products in our kitchens in Glenfield, Auckland. Naturally with business growth our team has also grown and now consists of a passionate bunch of taste chasers who are driven to provide quality product alongside the pursuit of excellence in everything they do. We are proud to be stocking food stores nationwide and have developed a core range of over 15 products. 



Our taste mission

Our small team at TopShelf is passionate about full-flavored food with a punch. All our products are made with the best ingredients- we don’t cut cost corners! This means we chase quality using fresh, natural, tasty, local, and gluten-free ingredients. Our range is rid of nasty preservatives and fillers too! We are proud to say TopShelf food is real, delicious and guilt-free.


Our sustainable mission

Our aioli’s and emulsion based sauces are all made with free range eggs and we are happy to say we cut palm oil from our ingredient list in 2012. We are a small-batch producer, resulting in less wastage and fresher product. We recycle all packaging materials used in the production & supply of our products & use eco-friendly cleaning products.

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